Jaguar's Land Rover time in the U.S. finally arrived

11/25/2015 15:02:25
Jaguar's Land Rover time in the U.S. finally arrived
U.S. customers may consider to buy a sedan or a great-looking crossover from Jaguar automaker at attainable prices starting with mid-2016.

Jaguar comes in the U.S. market with a sedan and a great-looking crossover at attainable prices for people moving into luxury for the first time, or people looking for something less ubiquitous, and there are no barriers to considering a Jaguar.

Jaguar sedan

The North American launch in mid-2016 of the Jaguar XE sedan and F-Pace SUV will fill out the Jaguar showroom properly for the first time in its history, with both a legitimate entry-level sedan and a well-designed crossover/SUV.

Jaguar SUV

The Jaguar XE sedan is already selling in Europe. Analysts say the BMW 3 Series competitor is just the right kind of vehicle to introduce in the U.S. when a brand has momentum. Jaguar is making all the right moves with its higher-priced offerings like XF and F-Type. Besides filling out the Jaguar showroom, the company is adding diesel versions to all its Jag and Land Rover/Range Rover models. So far, Volkswagen’s debacle does not seem to be hurting consideration of diesels offered by other manufacturers, and in fact it broadens the brands’ reach.


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