5 Useful Warnings for Car Sellers

07/28/2015 20:45:22
5 Useful Warnings for Car Sellers
A correct seller's behaviour could make the buyers forget all the negative things they have ever heard about car salesmen and buying a car.

When you are a car seller, be ready to feel that this profession is often misunderstood and prospective car buyers look at you as at a sinister rival. A correct seller's behaviour could make the buyers forget all the negative things they have ever heard about car salesmen and buying a car. Before concluding a deal be aware of the following common facts a seller should be aware of all the time:



  • The most important thing that every car salesman needs to know is that he can't and shouldn't ever tell the buyer he is wrong in anything. A car salesman can influence the car buyers earning their trust by showing them the real facts and leading them to understand that their point of view is not the referential one. According to the car buyer anything that comes out of the mouth of a car salesman is a lie unless there is proof otherwise and a reason to trust what they are saying.

  • Buyers believe that stretching the truth or outright lying is part of the car buying process. It doesn’t mean that they are bad people or habitual liars they just believe that’s how the game is played. People will lie about receiving prices from another dealer, they will lie about their trade in and they will lie about anything that they believe will help them get a better deal. Plus don’t forget about the other common lies that car salesmen are told everyday: “I will be back”. That’s why sellers need to push, prod, ask questions and try them on when they sell cars.

  • Costs are always going up and buyers are always feeling that the price is too high for what they are going to buy. Everyone wants to pay less and that’s just how things are regardless of what they are buying. That's why every car salesman needs to know that it's important to build value in his product, himself and the dealership in order to make a sale. Be convincing in your ads, build value and make the customer believe they are getting their money's worth.

  • Every car buyer needs to know that the seller will strictly address his needs and make sure he is choosing the right vehicle for them in order to be able to close the sale. The dealer should let the customers know that he wants them to be happy and satisfied with their purchase in order to build a customer base and to get them to send him referrals.

  • The car buyers want to feel like they are getting a good deal, the best deal which is possible. Nobody wants to feel like they are getting screwed. When you are working with a customer you need to make him feel that he is getting a good deal.

    Learning, understanding and making these things a car salesman can sell more cars and make more commission. People like getting new cars, but they don’t like paying them, a good seller can change that and create a customer for life.   


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